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Online Shopping Coupons in Singapore

I love to shop online and get great deals. I usually sign up for the newsletters of my favorite brands to get the scoop on their latest products and promotions. As a smart shopper, I like to compare prices to decide which places give me the best value.

Got my goodies and some freebies to boot

I’ve been looking for a place to buy the Tangle Teezer for a few weeks now and I was on the fence if I should buy from the UK or get the brush from Luxola since I was just getting one item and the shipping would probably even-out the cost.

Strip Brazilian IPL Voucher, Ren Resurfacing AHA Concentrate, Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner, Luxola Ribbon Hair Tie, Shaun the Sheep Tangle Teezer Brush

I was glad to find out about flipit.com where they had vouchers for some of the top shopping sites in Singapore. When I searched their site last week, they had a 30% discount voucher for Luxola so I bought the Tangle Teezer and the Ren Resurfacing AHA Concentrate. Here you can find the promo codes for online purchases at Luxola.

The Tangle Teezer is for my crazy-frizzy-fine hair which needs so much TLC. I figured I should get a brush that is supposed to gently untangle knots while minimizing breakage to my locks since I need to brush my wet hair as I’m rushing off to work.

Hype or Hope: Tangle Teezer Edition

I was also excited to find an AHA concentrate product available here in Singapore. I’ve been scouring the malls for the past few months looking such a product. I used to buy an AHA facial serum from my dermatologist overseas.

I’ll be testing these products and posting a review here so stay tuned.

Galanga Living

I was in the Henderson area today and I saw the photographer for Galanga Living taking photos in front of their shop. She was styling a living room set with some Ex Voto sacred heart cases so I made a mental note to come back at the end of the day to browse the items in the shop.

Located at 211 Henderson

I bought an Ex Voto last Christmas and I decided that I want to start a collection. I was suprised to find that they sell them here in Singapore since these are a bit difficult to find online. Antique Ex Votos cost hundreds of dollars and even replicas can get pretty pricey so I was glad to find out that the ones so affordable. The small heart costs $15 while the large one costs $30.

Ex Voto Sacred Heart Collectables

I quickly made my way to the counter and asked if I take photos and the shopkeeper gladly obliged. I just love it when stores are accommodating. I took snapshots of my favorite spaces in the shop so you can see what they have in-store.

What I like about this shop is that they have a lot of unique items and cool accents in bright colors. I can just imagine how these colorful accessories will brighten up a space. I’ll definitely come back here to get those Ex Voto hearts soon.

Galanga Living

  • Website: www.galangaliving.com
  • Address: 211 Henderson Road, #01-02, Henderson Industrial Park, Singapore 159552
  • Telephone: 6475 2633

My Finds: Geometric Prints and Patterns

I know that the geometric craze has been going on for some time now but I’ve never been the trendy type so pardon the late post. Here are some of my favorites fashion finds and home decor.

1 Suspended Dome / 2 Pink Geometric Simple Drop Earrings / 3 Triangle Jotter
O’NEILL Escape Bikini / 5 Hanging Mobile / 6 The Naked Shoe
7 Geometric Necklace