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Sponsored Post: Amore Silver

It surprises most people when they find out that I have quite a number of jewellery and accessories in my collection since I wear very minimal jewellery in public and I often dress down. I subscribe to the 3-piece rule so I have some pieces in storage that I have not even worn yet. I tend to wear my favourite pieces over and over again.

I’ve loved jewellery since I was in elementary school. My mom gave me my first gold necklace when I was in 3rd grade and since then my collection grew.

I was delighted when Amore Silver invited me to review some earrings and necklaces. Amore Silver means “for the love of silver”. I selected some of my favourite pieces from their collection. I like them since I can wear them at work or on the weekends. They have a wide range of designs, from feminine designs to geometric patterns.

Let me say that these pieces are even more gorgeous in person. Each piece is affordable and you can see the craftsmanship. They have items with prices starting at $14 – $60.

Amore’s jewellery is made of sterling silver which is 92.50% silver and 7.50% copper metal alloy and these pieces are manufactured in Thailand. This blend is a very high grade of silver that is used in making jewellery. Most people allergic to nickel can still wear sterling silver but in order to give a comprehensive review, I made sure that I wore the pieces several times for three weeks to see if I would develop any allergic reaction since I have a metal allergy – I even wore the earrings when I was working out this week. I’m glad to report that in my case, I did not develop any allergies.

I find that Amore Silver’s jewellery is well made and affordable. They have an excellent return policy where you can get a full refund within 14 days of purchase, no questions asked. I would buy more pieces for myself or as gifts for family and friends.

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Amore Silver

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