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Guest Post: DIY Washi Tape Silhouette Portrait

I love washi tape. They just make everything instantly pretty. Washi Tape + Silhouette = You own artwork.

This is a great project and it will only take you an hour to complete. Check out our guest post at Lloralye on the detailed steps on how to make your own Washi Tape Silhouette Portrait.

NOTE: Lloralye has changed her blog. Please click here to go to her new blog Seams Unbiased.


Photo Editing with FotoFuze

Having great photos is key in online selling. Most sellers will use natural light with a white background or a light box then process the photos in a photo editing software. I discovered FotoFuze when I was browsing through the Etsy Apps section and decided to give it a try. I have some photos I used with my homemade lightbox that I wanted to try editing them with this software.

Edited Photo: Even better with FotoFuze

You can sign up with FotoFuze using your Etsy account or through your email. A video will pop-up and I suggest you watch it so you can see the tips on how to use the system.

I tried FotoFuze with one of my processed photo to see how it performed. I must say I was pretty amazed at how easy FotoFuze was to use and I liked the results. You just need to use this highlighting tool and highlight the main object as well as the shadow then you can click on the Finish button and  you’re done.

Highlight the Main Object and the Shadow

You need to upload the photos into the site. You don’t have to wait too long however if you want to upload really fast you can resize the photo to  a smaller resolution before uploading them.

Unedited Photo: Brighter White Background

Unedited Photo: Looks Professionally Edited

Overall, I would say that FotoFuze is a great and easy to use tool. It’s easy to sign up and it’s free. You can donate to the developers through the site via Jungl. Half of your donation goes to the charity of your choice. I highly recommend FotoFuze.



Japanese Gift Wrapping

Wrapping gifts in fabric is called Furoshiki. This Japanese style of gift wrapping encourages recycling and reuse. You can just use any cloth that you have to wrap a present and its looks pretty as well.

You check this tutorial from giverslog by AmberLee who is a California mom, chocolate maker, and country girl. GiversLog is her avenue to catalog all her projects and other things she adores. Visit her blog for more details on this tutorial.

{ Photo: giverslog }

The Japanese government has also published a nice guide on “How to Use Furoshiki” at Ministry of the Environment.

{ Photo: Ministry of the Environment }


Polymer Gift Tags by Poppytalk

This tutorial from Poppytalk is so cool. You can make your own polymer gift tags. I can just imagine making the tags for a special occasion like a wedding where you can make a small plate with the couple’s wedding details and turn it into a ring holder.

{Photos: Poppytalk}

You can get the metal stamping alphabets at specialty stores  like EviesToolEmporium.