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Product Review: Veya Designs

I love stationery and I’ve been collecting them since I was in elementary school. As an adult, I really appreciate good stationery at an affordable price. Old school correspondence is still necessary in this digital age.

Each card come with a matching envelope

We met Jyoti from Veya Designs last month for a get together. We got a sampler set to review for this blog post and I really like how thick the paper is and how pretty the envelopes are. You can get a small box of 12 card sets for $18, a large box of 24 card sets for $32 and personalized card sets for $45. The personalized cards will make great gifts for the coming holidays.

Fountain pen with Aurora Black ink

We think that certain occasions still require a handwritten note and for this thank you card I wrote for a friend, I was able to use my fountain pen and the ink didn’t smudge. Do check out their shop to see their full line, including a kids collection.

Veya Designs

Sponsored Post: Kokoru Craft Party

We had a free craft party sponsored by Kokoru last Saturday at The Office in Chinatown. We partnered with Crafty Singapore and invited team members and people we’ve met online to join the event.
Camee represented Olgrin and Kokoru. She was there to help us with the event. It was nice to chat and catch up with old friends and finally meet some people we’ve met online in person.
Two hours seems like such a short time for crafting and having refreshments. I didn’t manage to make a papercraft since we we so busy going around and assisting the participants. We provided some templates for the designs I made a few months ago but I need to refine them more.

These are some of the Kokoru papercrafts made during the craft party.

We’d also like to thank Sally for bringing cupcakes.

Thanks to Photosaurus Studio for the pictures. If you would like to make your own creations, Kokoru products can be purchased at Evergreen outlets throughout Singapore.

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