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Valentine’s Day Dinner at Gyu Kaku

I’m one of those people who complain that flowers cost too much on Valentine’s Day but I do love getting them. I was surprised when the receptionist handed me a bouquet of red roses from my husband when I came in the office that day.

Flowers from Lex on Valentine's Day
Since we were working on Valentine’s Day, we decided to meet for dinner at Gyu Kaku which is a Japanese restaurant at Chijmes near City Hall MRT.

Lex and Katrina
The set we ordered came with assorted meat and vegetables. We got the Warai Set since there were different cuts of meat in the platter that we wanted to try.

Kim Chee and Cucumber Pickles
The restaurant had a nice ambiance and the wait staff was very informative and attentive. They explained the cooking time for each meat and some staff go around checking grills to see if your meat is overcooked and let you know that it’s time to take it off the heat so you can enjoy the meat at it’s finest.

Sausage and Bacon
I love yakiniku or Japanese grilled meat. You actually cook you own food in a charcoal grill and the meat has been cut up to bite sized pieces. The thin slices of ox tongue and the wagyu were excellent.

Assorted Meat
I usually prefer cakes for dessert and I was a bit disappointed at the items on offer. I’m not a big fan of Japanese ice cream but the matcha was delicious.


We got a free Polaroid photo and the waiters even offered to take shots from our camera without us asking. I highly recommend visiting this restaurant for a special occasion.