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Fiza and Ikmal’s Wedding Tree

Fiza saw our wedding tree and enquired if we could make a print for her. We were already thinking of doing commercial prints for the illustration so she became our first customer for the wedding tree.

We included framed instructions as a guide for guests on how to make a print. We would recommend getting a friend or a relative to oversee the wedding tree during the reception so that the prints turn out well.

The set includes frame, pigment, instructions and scratch paper to test the thumb prints on. The bride and groom just need to provide their favorite pen for the guest to sign their names with.

Best wishes to Fiza and congratulations to Ikmal on their upcoming wedding.

Our Wedding Tree Guestbook

Here’s a photo of our wedding tree guest book taken at the hotel by our wedding photographers. I was so happy to get the licensed print for the tree and pretty soon we can start selling prints. We haven’t gotten the final shots from the photographers yet so I can’t post an after shot.  I wanted to bring it as a carry on but since we were already way over our baggage limit I didn’t want to risk putting it together with our check-in luggage since there is a small chance it might get smashed during transit. The prints are irreplaceable so we didn’t take any chances.  I’m hoping someone in our family will just bring it when they visit.

The leaves were the fingerprints of our guests. I didn’t want to use the conventional guest book since I wanted something more unique. I did an earlier post on this in our blog. Here’s a link to my earlier post.

We provided green pigments for the guest to use as ink for their thumbprints. I made sure that these were acid-free and of archival quality since we want this guest book/poster to last practically forever.